RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor provides ICANN Compliant Abuse Monitoring and Reporting.

The service will continuously scan your registry namespace and notify you when malicious activity is detected.

The service also includes a Case Management System where you can professionally and efficiently manage your abuse cases.

Abuse Monitoring

RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor will regularly scan and conduct technical analysis of all domains in your Registry’s Zone.

The service will monitor your namespace for pharming, phishing, malware, spam and botnets in accordance with Spec 113B of the Registry Agreement.

Based on reliable industry sources and adopted best practice, RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor will assist you in keeping your namespace clean and in compliance with ICANN policy.


RegistryOffice Abuse Case Management System allows Registry’s to manage abuse cases in line with the ICANN defined "Framework for Registry Operator to Respond to Security Threats.

Managing abuse cases professionally and efficiently requires structure and a defined workflow. RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor was developed with this in mind.

The Abuse Case Management system has an intuitive interface allowing you to organise and manage your abuse cases all in the one place.


In accordance with Spec 11b of the Registry Agreement, RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor provides you with ICANN compliant statistical reports on the number of security threats identified and the actions taken for the periods specified.

In addition, RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor has a standard suite of reports that enable you to gain further insight into abuse within your Zone.

Abuse Monitor Products

Type the name of TLD to approximate number of abuse cases.

Scanning TLD for abuse...
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Abuse Cases Detected
using Basic Scan.
  • Basic Abuse Screening
  • For Registries with little to no abuse
  • Professional Case Management System
  • ICANN Compliant


Abuse Cases Detected
using Standard Scan.
  • Extensive Abuse Screening
  • For Registries with normal amount of abuse
  • Professional Case Managment System
  • ICANN Compliant


Abuse Cases Detected
using Standard Scan.
  • Optional add-on Service
  • Professional Case Management by security experts


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